Does ignoring your candidate’s online brand hurt your company’s culture?

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Does ignoring your candidate’s online brand hurt your company’s culture?

If corporate culture really does eat strategy for breakfast, then it should be as central to your hiring process as skills and expertise. But in a world where so much publicly-available information abounds, how do you effectively assess a candidate’s cultural fit?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is opening up entirely new ways to get that clear view of what a candidate may — or may not — bring to the table.

By gathering, classifying, and validating public online information in real-time, new platforms can pull back the curtain on a wealth of valuable insight to help hiring teams make better-informed decisions. Leveraging this kind of technology sheds light on how someone might contribute to the corporate culture you’ve worked hard to cultivate, and that can bolster your value.

In 2015, 78% of executives surveyed named culture among the top five things that make their company valuable. More than 90% said they believe in improving their firm’s corporate culture would actually improve the value of the company itself. That ups the ante on using the right tools to get as accurate a view as possible of someone’s personal brand and online presence before welcoming them into the cultural fold.

Building trusted AI into the hiring process can help your team access more information, faster, and take the guesswork out of hit-or-miss, outdated manual searches that may not reveal the full story. Integrating AI doesn’t have to be hard, complicated or expensive.Keep these three facts in mind as you explore the possibilities:

Knowledge is power. resources can tell you a lot about a person based on what they’ve chosen to share publicly. Tapping into that plethora of public content is an important step in verifying whether someone fits with your corporate culture. But haphazard searches don’t give you the kind of exhaustive, aggregated results that AI can drive. Information is only valuable if it’s factual, credible and unbiased — which is where AI really shines.

Time is money. An AI platform can make your hiring process more efficient by reducing manual labour, eliminating the wrong candidates sooner, and enabling your team to stay focused on areas where their human touch can deliver a more meaningful result. Automating the validation process doesn’t only give you a more complete candidate profile; it also saves you money. Some estimates say you could save as much as 30% by automating the manual search process.

Actions speak loudly. The talent market is tight, and candidates are assessing you as much as you’re assessing them. In fact, some 40% of Canadian senior managers and professionals surveyed say they wouldn’t accept a job if the corporate culture clashed. Knowing an organization is invested in corporate culture can be a big factor in someone’s decision to come on board. Walking the talk with an efficient and effective cultural fit assessment that’s bias-free and run with a candidate’s permission through a tech-enabled platform shows talent who you are as an organization, and reinforces your commitment to culture-building. That can set you apart from the other guys.

From the values you embrace, to your leadership style and purpose, corporate culture reflects the core of how you operate. It’s about the way you — and your people — treat clients and one another. Culture matters in more ways than one. What you don’t know about the people you hire is a risk you — and the culture you’ve built — don’t need to take. Why wouldn’t you capitalize on every possible tool available to eliminate the blind spot, protect your culture, and help it grow?

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