Faster candidate selection.
More confidence for your business.

Discover how artificial intelligence

fosters trusted employment relationships.





Real-time analysis of candidates’ online behavior and automated confirmation of their work experience.

Validates millions of

online records in seconds

Produces reports that

 respect candidate privacy

Leverages AI

for optimal data analysis

Provides notifications

on conduct changes

Supports hiring decisions

via objective reporting

Why Valital?

Human online search could be subjective, biased and misleading.

With Valital, companies

  • Overcome doubts
  • Increase objective insight
  • Optimize time spent on interviews

With Valital, candidates

  • Validate references
  • Gain potential employers’ trust
  • Get hired faster

With Valital, candidates

  • Get hired faster
  • Validate references once forever
Meet the Team


Ronny | Market

Ronny is a seasoned human capital professional and a technology enthusiast. He created Valital’s vision and now leads its market adoption.

Antoine | Technology

Antoine is a machine-learning and AI practitioner. He leads the R&D team and ensures that Valital remains at the forefront of technology.

Alex | Product

Alex is a successful founder of a prior tech start-up. He leads Valital’s product and focuses on delivering an unmatchable user experience.

AI Team

Valital is privileged to work with remarkable and passionate engineers and experienced professionals. They are technology visionaries continuously pushing the limits of machine learning and AI, in a virtuous way. Coming from a rich and diverse background, they are united by Valital’s powerful story and mission to change how people and organizations get connected.

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