The Future of Work

The gig economy is here.

Are you ready?

1. 8 M

Canadians are temporary workers

68 M

people are engaged in independent work in the US

20 %

of the global workforce will be contingent by 2020

People & Companies are changing

  • People look for flexibility, are visible online and select their jobs
  • Companies' need for skills evolves rapidly and they want faster ways to hire talent with confidence

Now is the time for companies to protect their image and reputation

50 %

workers reported harassment or violence in the workplace

$ 7 B

2017 global losses due to occupational fraud

58 %

of résumés include misleading or incorrect information

Conventional background checks result in

Inconsistent Process
Delayed Hiring
Inconclusive Results
What We Do

We validate talent data using AI

Valital helps companies make faster and more comfortable decisions.

Valital is engineered around


Cross-checks millions of data points to reduce human subjectivity. Valital relies on publicly available information.


Searches are initiated with the consent and knowledge of all parties. Valital enables independent workers to enhance their visibility and credibility.


Captures relevant information on a timely and ongoing basis. Valital accelerates the onboarding of independent workers.

Meet the Team


Ronny Aoun | Market

Ronny is a seasoned human capital professional and a technology enthusiast. He created Valital’s vision and now leads its market adoption.

Antoine Riachi | Technology

Antoine is a machine-learning and AI practitioner. He leads the R&D team and ensures that Valital remains at the forefront of technology.

Alex Aoun | Product

Alex is a successful founder of a prior tech start-up. He leads Valital’s product and focuses on marketing and delivering an unmatchable user experience.

AI Team

Valital is privileged to work with remarkable and passionate engineers and experienced professionals. They are technology visionaries continuously pushing the limits of machine learning and AI, in a virtuous way. Coming from a rich and diverse background, they are united by Valital’s powerful story and mission to change how people and organizations get connected in the gig economy.


First Round Financing Shows Investor Excitement for Valital’s Potential.

Valital’s first investors include Canadian and international entrepreneurs, business leaders, bankers and professionals from diverse industries. They quickly saw how Valital’s innovative solution can support responsibly the future of work relations.

Our team is growing!

Join us on this journey.

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