Strengthen your risk management programs with adverse media monitoring

Valital’s AI-powered adverse media monitoring platform is an added weapon in your risk management arsenal. Valital arms you with the information you need to make better, more confident decisions about the people with whom you choose to do business. 

Integrate Valital into your existing alert and monitoring applications to bolster your organization’s detection of unknown reputation risks posed by potential and current business stakeholders.

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What is your reputation worth?

Reputation can either drive value or destroy it. How much do you know about the people with whom you do business? Reputation risk is inextricably linked to a range of business risks. Anything from ethics, culture and compliance to cyber and financial risks can pose material damage to your brand’s reputation. 

The World Economic Forum says that, on average, more than 25% of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation. You can’t afford to trust first, then verify. You must verify, then trust.

Valital’s responsible AI-powered platform helps you stay ahead of unexpected reputation risks by using open-source intelligence to monitor and analyze adverse online news on potential and current business stakeholders — in real time.

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Helping you make more confident decisions

Valital uses Natural Language Processing, a form of AI that enables computers to extract language from unstructured text. The AI learns human language and uses content and context to perform real-time search and pulse analysis of open-source intelligence, flagging misconducts related to universally recognized misbehaviours: discrimination, financial crime/fraud, harassment, violence and addiction.


Leverages human-powered AI

Scours the internet to collect online news, blogs and tweets on individual business stakeholders

Leverages human-powered AI

Uses Natural Language Processing to analyze content and context

Leverages human-powered AI

Categorizes the information as fraud, discrimination, addiction, harassment, violence or litigation

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Security teams need to count on credible background information on people, in real time. Valital’s live-updates keep them current on any news that pops up about a designated individual, days, weeks or even years down the road. That’s a powerful differentiator in a world where new risks emerge every single day.

Former Chief Security Officer at Bombardier Aerospace

Your platform was phenomenal for our team who used it. It gave us more information, saved us time and we loved the AI analysis part of it.

National Director, Compliance and Quality Control

Unreservedly, I can say Valital works as advertised. Many tools claim to be intelligent and they really aren't. Valital delivers on this.

Quality & Risk Management Manager for Client Acceptance at a Global Professional Services Firm

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