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Valital is an AI-backed platform that scans millions of online records in minutes to highlight flags of an individual’s misconduct. That offers enterprises an always-on intel to speed up recruitment processes, dial down security risks and buffer them against troublesome misconduct that can destroy their culture and brand.

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Valital for Security

Explore Valital for Security
Valital for Security

Valital for Recruitment

Explore Valital for Recruitment
Valital for Recruitment

Protecting your brand and saving you time is our top priority.

Whether you’re recruiting, assessing security practices or considering outside partnerships: people can move your organization forward, or expose it to unimaginable risk.

Valital instantly detects and classifies millions of online records tied to misconduct like harassment, fraud and discrimination. That saves you hundreds of manual search hours, protects your culture and eliminates human bias. You gain a clearer view now, and greater confidence always.

Why Valital? Because automating the way you scan for misconduct and toxic behaviour helps you stop trouble in its tracks, before it hurts your culture, reputation or bottom line.

ROI Calculator

Pick a number, any number. Tell us how many individuals you expect to screen in a year, and we’ll add up the hours you could save, and the number of misconduct records you could be missing by sticking with outdated manual searches:

There’s no price tag on reputational damage. One security breach, or one bad hire, could cost millions and irreparably harm the way stakeholders see your organization.

Make the most of our credibility to safeguard your own.

We’re a Canadian start-up making an enterprise-wide impact for organizations just like yours. Developed in partnership with leading research institutions. Supported by a world-class advisory board and entrepreneurs. Providing the consistently credible intel you need to build recruitment and security strategies with certainty in an uncertain market.

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Security teams need to count on credible background information on people, in real-time. Valital’s live-updates keep them current on any news that pop up on designated individuals, days, weeks or years down the road. A powerful differentiator in a world where new risks emerge every single day.

Gaétan Houle
Former Chief Security Officer at Bombardier Aerospace

Valital has helped us better filter an increasing number of candidates and spend the right time with the right people. We’re now saving hours of online searching, reference checks, and unnecessary conversations with individuals whose past conduct doesn’t align with our corporate culture. That’s good for our team, talented candidates, and the bottom line.

Andrew Tirelli
HR Director at Testforce Systems

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