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We work with medium to large enterprises, helping them detect, prevent and mitigate their exposure to reputational risk.
Whether it’s individual stakeholder misconduct or negative ESG-related company news, our AI-powered platform extracts, filters and analyzes the relevant misconduct data you need for more confident decision-making.

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Heavily regulated financial Institutions that have a fiduciary responsibility to clients and access to large volumes of sensitive customer information need to verify, then trust. They need to enter into all potential new stakeholders relationships with extreme caution and a healthy dose of skepticism.

Commercial insurance

Protect your reputation by enhancing your background check process with OSINT to ensure your dealer or broker network is composed of the kind of people who should be representing your brand.


Consulting and professional services firms

Not enough professional services firms are adequately or effectively monitoring online media for adverse news on the people and organizations they do business with. Valital helps professional services firms identify, detect, analyze, and mitigate reputation risks with the use of open-source intelligence.

Financial cooperatives

Many financial cooperatives still struggle with inefficiencies, including a high reliance on manual processes such as online searches for adverse news on individuals and entities. There’s an increasing need for real-time information gathering and always-on monitoring.


Government and public sector

Government and public sector organizations can suffer the same fate as private sector companies in this hyper-transparent, super-connected age: reputation damage. They, too, need to harness the power of open-source intelligence analysis to stay ahead of unexpected risks.

Institutional investors and private equity funds

Operational due diligence is crucial to any investment decisions. Valital helps you gain insights into an organization's ESG-related misconducts as well as the adverse behaviours of the individuals behind the organization.

Mortgage brokerages

An organization’s most valuable long-term asset is its reputation. Like all other financial institutions, mortgage companies need to protect themselves by going beyond conventional background checks on the brokers who represent them. The wrong brokers can inflict reputational as well as financial damage and potentially erode investor and customer confidence.

Real estate and property management

Criminal and credit checks don’t tell the full story. Many potential tenants will present landlords and property managers with an impeccable credit and criminal record, but not all bad behaviour is captured in databases. Online data can be a key source of information, so why ignore it?

Sports and entertainment

There is often a lack of due diligence when it comes to working with athletes and artists. This can lead to significant reputational and financial damages, especially as it relates to sponsorship deals. Valital helps you cut through the noise and the fanfare to focus on the information you need to assess potential risk.

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"Knowing the reputations of people we do business with is really important. We don't want to get burned. It's helpful to make an informed decision."

Quality and Risk Management,
Global Professional Services Firm

"We experienced last week a situation where our principal news feeds aggregator didn’t catch adverse media news for an important key individual that we follow. This news was available on Valital and we were in a position to adjust our analysis. Thanks for that!”

Manager, Operational Due Diligence,
Big 8 Canadian public pension fund

"Whether it's hiring contractors or ensuring we vet designated employees who have access to sensitive information or engaging in any third-party business relationship, Valital is systematically used by our team."

Global Leader, Ethics and Compliance.,
Global Defense Company
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What is your reputation worth?

Often, an organization’s most valuable long-term asset is its reputation. The World Economic Forum says that, on average, more than 25% of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation. You can’t afford to trust first, then verify. You must verify, then trust.

Valital’s responsible AI-powered platform helps you stay ahead of unexpected reputation risks by using open-source intelligence to monitor and analyze
adverse online news on individuals and organizations — in real time.

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Reduced search times

Search times are reduced as a result of intuitive pre-search filters. This means you will not be inundated with “excessive noise” from having to parse through irrelevant information. Clients tell us that Valital strikes the right balance when it comes to the amount and the accuracy of information in its reports.

Peace of mind and capacity found

The LiveUpdate alerts feature frees up your resources, because users don’t have to keep running new checks on people they want to keep an eye on. Continuous monitoring allows them the peace of mind of knowing that if new information comes up, they will receive an alert.

Centralized repository

All reports are saved within a repository for easy retrieval at any time. Searches don’t have to be redone on an individual if there’s a time lag; various users can simply pull existing information from the repository. This ensures consistency.

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