What is adverse online media?

Why would anyone need an adverse media monitoring tool?

How does Valital differ from a standard background check?

Do you use databases and watchlists as sources?

What about people’s right to privacy?

How do I know Valital is using AI ethically and responsibly?

What is Natural Language Processing and why is it an important part of the Valital platform?

Do you conduct adverse media searches on entities or individuals?

Isn’t this just a pre-employment screening tool by another name?

If I use this platform, will it allow me to replace tools I’m already using for this purpose?

Does Valital work for all types of businesses or is this specific to some sectors only?

Insider risk is a big concern for our organization, how does Valital help us with this potential threat?

We regularly conduct online media searches and are happy with the result. Why would we need this platform?

What misconducts are you looking to find?

What are the specific use cases for Valital?

What is LiveUpdate monitoring?

Are you GDPR compliant?

Do you offer an API?

How do you know the information you’re gathering is credible? Fake news is everywhere.

How do you know you’re finding the right people and not giving us false positive results?

What kind of implementation is required?

Can you tell us more about Valital’s time-saving efficiencies? Will we see a noticeable difference in speed?

Talk about pricing