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Extract, filter and analyze evidence-based adverse online media on the people and organizations you do business with, in real time.

Valital Recruitment Solution

Stop wasting valuable resources

If you’re trying to harness open-source intelligence with a flawed process, you’re going to get the same results over and over again.

Time-consuming process
Inconsistent results
Incomplete findings
Irrelevant information
Let us help you

Valital Value

Discover how Valital’s AI-powered adverse media solution can help transform your due diligence processes:

Saved Hours

A first line of defence against financial crimes, fraud and money laundering. Use Valital as a Level 1 alert or pre-screening tool or at the end of your verification process.

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Operational due diligence teams need up-to-the minute, relevant information for their investment decisions. Open-source analysis and monitoring add an extra layer of due diligence

Filtered Data

Insider risk can come from anywhere: employees, associates, business partners or third-party service providers. Use Valital in your risk assessment efforts.

False Positives

Searchable databases and conventional background checks aren’t enough. Detect, prevent and mitigate potential reputation risk with relevant, real-time stakeholder intelligence.

Of Results Contain High Risk News

Suppliers and vendors account for up to two-thirds of an organization’s ESG footprint. We help you find critical ESG-based company information as well as intelligence on the people behind these companies.

Implementation Fees

Suppliers and vendors account for up to two-thirds of an organization’s ESG footprint. We help you find critical ESG-based company information as well as intelligence on the people behind these companies.

Valital Platform

AI-powered evidence-based analysis

Valital’s award-winning platform extracts structured and unstructured data from open-source intelligence (OSINT) in real time. Our AI models learn human language and use Natural Language Processing to understand content and context, flagging relevant online information on companies’ adverse ESG risks as well as individuals’ misconducts.

Whether you’re searching for information on potential new clients or partners, new hires or sports and entertainment professionals you want to work with, integrate Valital into your existing risk management frameworks for access to evidence-based, judgment-free adverse news.

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Simplicity by design

Say goodbye to frustrating keyword searches and time spent sifting through endless amounts of irrelevant data on companies and individuals. We leverage advanced AI models, NLP, relationship extraction and built-in analysis to give you access to:

Real-time continuous monitoring and alerts.

Easily accessible technical and user support.

Customized features that meet your industry needs.

Filtered results that capture content and context.

Real-time screening and analysis, using advanced AI technology.

Valital Platform

Democratization of reputational risk and resiliency

Virtually every functional team within a midsized to large organization needs to safeguard against potential reputation risk by conducting enhanced due diligence, using open-source intelligence (OSINT). That’s why our platform allows for unlimited users. It’s what we refer to as the democratization of reputation risk and resiliency.

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Helping you make more confident decisions

Valital uses Natural Language Processing, a form of AI that enables computers to extract language from unstructured text. The AI learns human language and uses content and context to perform real-time search and pulse analysis of open-source intelligence, flagging misconducts related to universally recognized misbehaviours: discrimination, financial crime/fraud, harassment, violence and addiction.


Leverages human-powered AI

Scours the internet to collect online news, blogs and tweets on individual business stakeholders

Leverages human-powered AI

Uses Natural Language Processing to analyze content and context

Leverages human-powered AI

Categorizes the information as fraud, discrimination, addiction, harassment, violence or litigation

Why we’re different

Natural Language Processing

No automated translation. AI algorithms trained to understand source languages so clients get only relevant information.


No pre-selected list of media sources. Our algorithms search millions of online data sources from around the internet.

Intuitive filtering

Intuitive pre-search filters lead to reduced search times, allowing our clients time to focus on the things that matter most to their organization.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Competitors rely heavily on searchable databases. Valital captures fast-moving data from structured and unstructured text in real-time. Enable continuous monitoring via LiveUpdate feature.


Collaboration is in our DNA. We partner with our clients to meet their specific needs.

Value for money

Valital is better value for money with unlimited users, allowing for the "democratization" of reputation risk awareness across the organization.

Hear what our customers are saying

We have adopted the platform into our risk management and compliance processes, using it as a due diligence tool globally in a range of use cases.

Global Leader, Ethics and Compliance, Global Defense Company

Thank you, Valital team, for today’s training session and your time. Wish all apps were as easy as yours!

Director, Client Services, National Professional Services Firm

One of the things I appreciate most about Valital is the analysis it provides. They’re not just dumping heaps of irrelevant information on us; they’re bringing back relevant, useful negative information that we can then weave into our investigations.

Don Aviv, President, Interfor International

Best Operational Risk Management Solution

CRTA Award 2023

Best RegTech Solution for Managing Operational Risk and Resiliency

CRTA Award 2021

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