How Valital can help a due diligence team save countless hours while improving results

Alex Aoun
Alex Aoun
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
How Valital can help a due diligence team save countless hours while improving results


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What’s the problem they were trying to solve?

A complex market means a wealth of deal opportunities. But a transaction is only as good as the due diligence behind it. In a digital world, that assessment must now include a rich understanding of the target company and the people behind it. Any sign of prior misconduct or unethical behaviour can stop a deal before it’s even begun. The challenge is: how does a small but dedicated due diligence team get the full picture of the folks behind the business if they’re relying on hit-or-miss manual searches? Normally, team members pour 20 minutes into online search engines for every individual assessed, without any set framework for how to gather data, and how far to extend the search. Multiply that time across hundreds of people they analyze in any given year, and that’s a whole lot of investment in searches that may not reveal consistent, credible results. With no ability to replicate the search later on, sharing that data effectively becomes another layer of complexity the team simply doesn’t need. If you can’t count on the intel, how can you move forward and make decisions with confidence?

Enter Valital: an AI-backed solution that surfaces millions of online media in minutes.

By automating the way the team searches for red flags among publicly available news, blogs and Twitter feeds, Valital instantly transforms the due diligence team’s process. Valital detects and classifies millions of records so quickly, the platform immediately reduces search time from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes per person. Because the platform aggregates data automatically into an easily-shared report, the team no longer has to worry about replicating the same links or finding the same data weeks or months down the road. Valital empowers them to drive an entirely new level of consistency in reporting, bolstered by the option to flip the switch on automated updates at any time. Doing so enables Valital to keep them updated on any new issues of concern that pop up down the road. With servers housed in Canada, the team can feel confident in the security of the platform.  Onboarded in just 15 minutes flat, they can dive into using the intuitive platform right away. No training, just immediate time savings, and improved results.

What’s the bottom line?

Due diligence teams like this need to move quickly and confidently. Valital saves them time, while delivering powerfully consistent results. All of this fuels sound decision making in a market that waits for no one, while insulating corporate brands against the potential blow-back of a missed red flag.

In the experts own words:

“Valital has an exponential impact on organizational efficiency and quality of results. By turning on automatic updates, you can stay in the loop on any red flags that might pop up down the road, long after that initial report was created. That’s huge for any due diligence team assessing a deal over a period of weeks or months.”

-    Steve Hack, Independent Risk Management and Audit Advisor

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