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Valital Recruitment Solution

Changing how you evaluate candidates changes everything.

Stop manual searches. Start automated validation. Free up time, save on costs, and dial back risk. When reviewing 1,000 resumes annually, this one powerful change can:



hours of HR time



in bad hire costs



hours of interviewing the wrong candidates

If you could recruit and validate the right candidates faster, why wait? Experience the difference trusted AI can make for your recruitment team.

You’ve got a need for speed. And we’ve got the solution.

Valital analyzes online information on candidates and validates their work minutes.

How it works

The best part? Your HR team can be up and running on Valital in 15 minutes flat.

Step 1

Invite your job candidate in 30 seconds from your Valital portal or from your Applicant Tracking System

Step 2

Candidates register and submit work references in 3 minutes or less

Step 3

Your job candidate’s report is available a few minutes later with an analysis of their online information and the validation of their job experience

Time is money.

Vacancies are expensive. Spots open 30 to 45 days can set you back $25K in lost productivity. Nearly 40% of candidates lose interest and move on if hiring is too slow. Interviewing the wrong candidates can cost $24K in time annually. Losing cash. Losing talent. Recruiting that takes too long costs too much.

Knowledge is power.

What you don’t know about a candidate can hurt you. Missing details. Inconsistent results. Inaccurate credentials. Hit or miss manual searches take longer and reveal less.

Brand is currency.

Recruitment is your calling card. More than 60% of job seekers say poor candidate experiences make them less likely to buy from you later. Yet only 9% of HR teams have strong screening technology to move faster.

Reality’s changed.
Your tools should, too.

Our automated solution surfaces 2.5 times as many articles and flags 30% more questionable references than manual human searches

Leverages human-powered AI

Analyzes objectively millions of records in minutes

Forget hit-or-miss manual searches. Eliminate time-consuming menial tasks and empower your team to work strategically.

Leverages human-powered AI

Respects a candidate’s privacy

Don’t get lost in the weeds. Make solid hiring decisions based on credible, publicly-available insight sooner.

Leverages human-powered AI

Leverages human-powered AI

Strike the right balance. Trusted AI, easily and quickly validated with the power of our team’s human touch.

Leverages human-powered AI

Notifies you of changes in a candidate’s conduct

Stay current. Engage with a platform that works the algorithm in real-time, all the time, so your people don’t have to.

Leverages human-powered AI

Integrated with your HR Software

Valital’s API can integrate with your HRIS or Applicant Tracking System. That brings you one step closer to speeding up processes, dialing down costs, and strengthening brand through a better recruitment process.

Valital for Recruitment

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Pick a number, any number. Tell us how many individuals you expect to screen in a year, and we’ll add up the money you could save with Valital recruitment solution.



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Custom number of job candidates
Reporting on 5 essential misconducts
Unlimited job confirmations for each candidate
Unlimited users
Integration with your HRIS/ATS
Live updates on changes in conduct
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Small businesses

Starts at
60 job candidates for the year
Reporting on 5 essential misconducts
Unlimited job confirmations for each candidate
3 users per company
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Can your recruitment tools work harder for you?

We think so. The longer recruitment takes, the more expensive it becomes. For your HR team, your brand, and your bottom line.

Candidate-sourcing platforms have already made a real impact for talent teams who typically spent 13 hours a week just sourcing candidates to assess.

Explore how Valital can help you speed up your recruitment with real confidence, right now.

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