Mitigate your reputation risk

Valital helps risk, ethics, compliance and security professionals make more confident business relationship decisions. How? We scour open-source online intelligence to gather, analyze and monitor fast-moving, real-time, dynamic information. 

Valital’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms then flag misconducts related to universally recognized misbehaviours: Addiction, Discrimination, Financial Crime/Fraud, Harassment, Violence. The AI is trained to categorize a range of misbehaviours within these five pillars, which means virtually all types of misconduct will be flagged.

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Valital Solution

Before you enter into any business relationship, use Valital to verify first, then trust.

Incident management

“Always-on” alerts provide you with instant notification as soon as an incident occurs, providing you with peace of mind knowing that you’re always in the know and can respond quickly.

Third-party due diligence

Increasingly, businesses are being held accountable for the “company they keep.” This is why it’s important for organizations to be proactive when it comes to conducting due diligence on the individuals behind third-party relationships.

Insider risk management

Insiders are often the biggest security threat for any organization. In this super-connected age, insider risk can come from anywhere: employees, associates, business partners or third-party service providers. 


KYC is the first line of defense against financial crimes, such as fraud and money laundering. Despite all the resources and time being spent on KYC due diligence, many organizations still struggle with inefficiencies, including a high reliance on manual processes such as online searches for adverse news on potential clients. 

How does Valital work?

1. Upload an individual’s information.

You can do that by requesting a validation, or integrating Valital with your existing software. That means you can instantly validate an individual’s new or existing conduct simply by adding their name into the platform.

2. Scan the results in minutes.

Valital analyzes the individual’s online information and tweets based on five categories of misconduct, shares the report with you right away, and eliminates the inconsistencies that human-based searches create. That means you get the big-picture view in an instant, while simultaneously dialing back risk.

3. Enable live updates.

Turning on continuous monitoring means you’ll be notified of new red flags when validating individuals, implementing company-wide checks at regular intervals, assessing external alliances or analyzing potential partnerships. That means you can validate behaviour, then stay current on their conduct - even if it changes months or years down the road.

Why we’re different

Leverages human-powered AI

Natural Language Processing

No automated translation. English & French AI training means the user gets only relevant information.

Leverages human-powered AI


Consistently categorizes misconducts into the right pillars, giving users confidence about data quality and relevance.

Leverages human-powered AI

Intuitive filtering

Reduced search time with intuitive pre-search filters, allowing users time on the things that matter most to their organization.

Leverages human-powered AI

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Competitors rely heavily on databases. Real-time continuous monitoring and alerts provide our users with peace of mind and increased confidence.

Leverages human-powered AI


We partner with our clients to meet their specific needs.

Leverages human-powered AI

Value for money

Valital is better value for money with unlimited users, allowing for the "democratization" of reputation risk awareness across the organization.

Valital for Security

Helping you make more confident decisions

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Your Return on Investment

Leverages human-powered AI

Reduces search times

Leverages human-powered AI

LiveUpdate alerts

Leverages human-powered AI

Centralized repository

Leverages human-powered AI

Increased confidence 

Leverages human-powered AI

Better decision-making

Leverages human-powered AI

Peace of mind

Leverages human-powered AI

The gift of capacity found

Reduced search times

Search times are reduced as a result of intuitive pre-search filters. This means you will not be inundated with “excessive noise” from having to parse through irrelevant information. Clients tell us that Valital strikes the right balance when it comes to the amount and the accuracy of information in its reports.

Peace of mind and capacity found

The LiveUpdate alerts feature frees up your resources, because users don’t have to keep running new checks on people they want to keep an eye on. Continuous monitoring allows them the peace of mind of knowing that if new information comes up, they will receive an alert.

Centralized repository

All reports are saved within a repository for easy retrieval at any time. Searches don’t have to be redone on an individual if there’s a time lag; various users can simply pull existing information from the repository. This ensures consistency.

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Curious about pricing?

Valital is the best value for money. You won't need to enter into expensive and complex licensing agreements. Valital pricing is based on volume. You pay only for the number of validations you expect to use during a 12-month period. Plus, you can add as many users as you want to your Valital account.

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