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Valital Solution

An essential solution to support these roles

Behaviour can evolve over time. Screening individuals regularly protects your organization from growing threats. And trusted AI helps you make better people decisions in real time.

Background screening agencies

Leverage AI for improved media searches, and expand your offerings with ongoing screening.

Pairing the right people with the right tools can unleash next-level results. Valital partners with your team to automate online searches, surface more comprehensive insight about individuals’ conduct sooner, and save everyone time. Monitoring subscriptions offer your clients the ability to stay current on an individual’s online conduct long after the initial scan.

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Risk, Compliance or Security

Continuously monitor adverse online news about your workforce in real time.

Risk is changing every day, as more of us work apart than ever before. Valital helps you immediately spot online signs that an employee or a contract worker may not be adhering to your code of conduct, so you can take action right away.

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Instantly identify misconduct on individuals when carrying out due diligence.

Transactions are about more than just the entity; they represent the people who bring that entity to life. Valital plays an essential part in the due diligence process, helping you ensure the leaders you’re embracing don’t show any online signs of behaviour that runs contrary to your corporate values, culture or ways of operating.

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Talent acquisition

Carry out quality job interviews by screening candidates for adverse online mentions.

There’s nothing worse than spending countless hours moving candidates through multiple interviews, only to find red flags at the final stage. Valital helps make sure you - and your senior leaders - spend the right time on the right candidates by validating their online brand against your organizational culture in ways manual searches simply can’t.

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How does Valital work?

1. Upload an individual’s information.

You can do that by requesting a validation, or integrating Valital with your existing software. That means you can instantly validate an individual’s new or existing conduct simply by adding their name into the platform.

2. Scan the results in minutes.

Valital analyzes the individual’s online information and tweets based on five categories of misconduct, shares the report with you right away, and eliminates the inconsistencies that human-based searches create. That means you get the big-picture view in an instant, while simultaneously dialing back risk.

3. Enable live updates.

Turning on continuous monitoring means you’ll be notified of new red flags when validating individuals, implementing company-wide checks at regular intervals, assessing external alliances or analyzing potential partnerships. That means you can validate behaviour, then stay current on their conduct - even if it changes months or years down the road.

Embrace Valital now. Build brand equity for tomorrow.

Cultivate consistency,
create credibility.

No two people search the same way. Valital delivers consistent results, without fail. Manual searches miss up to 60% of data compared to Valital. Our solution surfaces 2.5 times as many articles, and flags 30% more questionable references, than manual solutions.

Gain confidence,
maintain confidence.

One-and-done checks don’t cut it. Valital assesses conduct continuously, so your team doesn’t have to. Hit-or-miss searches can cost your organization up to 90% more than using Valital. Our solution works four times as fast as humans to flag conduct reports in real time, all the time.

Invest in security,
build brand equity.

More teams are working remotely than ever. Valital stickhandles that volume, keeping you tuned into their conduct from afar. Better decisions and stronger controls start with credible intel. Our solution tells you more about collaborators, while saving 200 human hours for every 1,000 people validated.

Your reputation is your calling card to the world. Guard it with everything you’ve got.

Leverages human-powered AI

Live updates on changes in conduct

Activate once, stay automatically informed

Leverages human-powered AI

Secure with servers residing in Canada

Built here, based here to offer you next-level security

Leverages human-powered AI

Human-powered AI

Sophisticated automation, paired with our team’s human touch

Leverages human-powered AI

Source credibility assessment

Scored sources, so you’re not guessing about their validity

Leverages human-powered AI

Identity matching technology

Confirming you’re validating the right person the first time with less room for error

Leverages human-powered AI

Analysis of conduct relevant to you

Straight-up insight on behaviour that affects your brand, culture and organization the most. We detect and classify cases of harassment, fraud, violence, discrimination, and addiction.

Tweet analysis

Tweet analysis

Avoid spending time reading thousands of Tweets. We quickly flag and report Tweets that include questionable language.

Valital for Security

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Your organization’s potential is limitless if you safeguard the reputation.

Curious about pricing?

Our packages help you save time and preserve budget compared to costly manual searches. All while eliminating unnecessary risk. Using Valital can help your organization reduce existing costs by 90%.

Contact us and we’ll build a customized solution and price, designed with your organization’s size and needs in mind.

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