Leverages human-powered AI

Scours the internet to collect online news, blogs and tweets on business stakeholders.

Leverages human-powered AI

Uses Natural Language Processing to analyze content and context.

Leverages human-powered AI

Filters and categorizes adverse content into clear and interactive reporting.

Flag universally recognized misconducts that matter most

The alignment of values, beliefs, and behaviors between an organization and the individuals they work with is more important than ever. Protect your brand’s reputation with actionable open-source intelligence analysis and always-on monitoring and alerts.

Financial crimes/Fraud
Conflicts & Litigation
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Use adverse media monitoring to identify ESG-related risks

Your organization is working hard to act sustainably and responsibly. Can you say the same of the third-party organizations you work with? Use Valital to screen for ESG-based adverse news on companies worldwide.


Environmental criteria examine how an organization performs as a steward of our natural environment.


Social criteria examine how an organization interacts with its stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders) and surrounding communities.


Governance criteria examine how an organization polices itself – how the company governs itself internally.

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How Valital works in 3 easy steps

1. Identity matching

Input basic information on the individual or company.

2. Scan for relevant data

Responsible AI extracts, analyzes and filters adverse online media.

3. Interactive reporting

Relevant adverse information categorized with key risk level indicators.

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Immediate impact

Leverages human-powered AI

Time is money

Up to 10 hours saved weekly per analyst.

Leverages human-powered AI

Confidence is everything

Accurate, real-time, consistent data for better decisions.

Leverages human-powered AI

“Noise” reduction

Robust filtering to report relevant information only.

Leverages human-powered AI

Easy access for all

Democratization without extra cost and implementation headaches.

Valital for Security

Curious about pricing?

Valital is the best value for money. You won't need to enter into expensive and complex licensing agreements. Valital pricing is based on volume. Plus, you can add as many users as you want to your Valital account.

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Your Return on Investment

Leverages human-powered AI

Reduces search times

Leverages human-powered AI

LiveUpdate alerts

Leverages human-powered AI

Centralized repository

Leverages human-powered AI

Increased confidence 

Leverages human-powered AI

Better decision-making

Leverages human-powered AI

Peace of mind

Leverages human-powered AI

The gift of capacity found

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Reduced search times

Search times are reduced as a result of intuitive pre-search filters. This means you will not be inundated with “excessive noise” from having to parse through irrelevant information. Clients tell us that Valital strikes the right balance when it comes to the amount and the accuracy of information in its reports.

Peace of mind and capacity found

The LiveUpdate alerts feature frees up your resources, because users don’t have to keep running new checks on people they want to keep an eye on. Continuous monitoring allows them the peace of mind of knowing that if new information comes up, they will receive an alert.

Centralized repository

All reports are saved within a repository for easy retrieval at any time. Searches don’t have to be redone on an individual if there’s a time lag; various users can simply pull existing information from the repository. This ensures consistency.

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